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Bishop Norman L. Wagner

January 14, 1948 – January 30, 2010


1985-Bachelor of Theology, Indiana Bible University

1986-Master of Theology, Indiana Bible University

1993-Doctorate; Philosophy, Theology, and Divinity


World-Wide Leader and Personality - Pastor / Educator / Statesman / Servant

1976 Bishop Norman L. Wagner established a private school, Calvary Christian Academy, to meet the needs of families who lacked access to quality and cutting-edge education.  In spite of Youngstown’s struggling economy, the school excelled and graduated many individuals who are now making their mark on the world; Executives, Professionals,  Sports & Entertainment Figures, and Leaders including Youngstown’s current Mayor, the Honorable Jay Williams.


Against incredible odds, in 1984, Bishop Wagner spearheaded a building project to house senior citizens in the Youngstown community; Calvary Towers were erected and today still stand as a monument to Bishop Wagner’s commitment to better living standards for the senior citizens of his hometown.


Recognized for his positive influence and the significant contributions to the communities he serviced, Bishop Wagner has enjoyed visits to The White House by personal invitations from Presidents Ronald Reagan, and William Jefferson Clinton.


Musically, as a gifted singer, song-writer, and arranger, Bishop Norman L. Wagner along with his choir, received Stellar Nominations for songs, “Best For Last,” and “Excellent.”  Additionally, he played a very significant role in the launch of now Multi-Grammy Award Winning Artist, Vicki Winans.  His wise counsel and his integrity have earned him great respect and love among many internationally celebrated artists within the Entertainment Industry – as is demonstrated by the list of Artists scheduled to appear during his Home-Going services.


On National and Global fronts

In 1978, Bishop Wagner created and served as Executive Producer of “The Power of Pentecost,” a television program which went National in 1978 and International by 1985.


Bishop Wagner was presiding Prelate of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. (PAW) for two consecutive terms (1998-2004) with over two thousand churches under his auspices.


Bishop Wagner also founded and presided over the European Council of Nations (ECN) for over twenty years; a Christian organization of church leaders in Europe of varying ethnicities and languages.  The ECN grew to over 40 churches under his leadership.

In 1986, Bishop Wagner established an international leadership conference, Pentecost In Perspective (PIP). The conference was designed to develop and equip leaders, as well as those in pursuit of leadership roles. This annual conference has been heavily attended by thousands of Christian and Business Leaders from around the globe for over two decades.


Bishop Wagner’s family and Calvary Ministries International wish to thank everyone for their efforts to honor the labor, the love, and the memory of this great man. 

VIDEO: "Light of the World", ECN Mass Choir in Bologna, Italy